So far, I've had some mixed experiences hanging out around the Pine Street Inn. 

I've talked to some great people working their way through the system.  "There are some good guys here," one of them told me, and I've found it to be true.  I'm working on putting their voices together in a radio broadcast. 
I've also been harassed by a shelter worker who had the idea that I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the building from the street.  I tried to politely disabuse him of the notion, but he wasn't having any of it.  "You're telling me I'm not allowed to stand on this public street and take pictures of this building?" I asked.  No, he said, I was not allowed, it was private property, I would have to speak to someone inside. 

Here is a picture of the building (which I obviously took anyway).
The weather has been bitter lately, and you can see the snow piled up all inside the fence.

This is my bike, parked next to the cafe where I generally meet the guys from the shelter across the street.

It's warm and it's got cheap coffee, and is usually packed with people from Pine Street.  That is, until curfew time.  At 7 o'clock sharp, shelter residents have to be back at their beds, so the place clears out pretty fast in the evenings.
On a more sombre note: I haven't been able to find this guy since the first day I went to the Pine Street area. He was eager to have his picture taken, and I really want to hear more of his story.  He doesn't live in the shelter - he was staying under a bridge nearby with his girlfriend, whom he promised to let me meet.  I hope he's okay, and that I manage to find him again.  

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